2017 Acura Precision Concept

With only three sedans and two SUV’s Acura company has been struggling to keep up with competition from Infiniti and Lexus the other two Japanese premiums that are created specifically for the US market. The company iscommitted to revolutionize their designs to corporate designs, compact body styles as well as a number of engines did not have a significant effect on the market. However we may see change soon, this is because the company has just previewed its next design language with 2017 Acura Precision Concept at Detroit Auto Show.

2017 Acura Precision Concept front

2017 Acura Precision Concept Exterior design

The Acura Concept aims to provide precision crafted performance that comes together with vast stance, pronounced rear wheel arcs, deeply toned surface areas, new diamond pentagon grille design. The model also features a massive 22 inch all terrain wheels. The front of the car features Acura’s gem LED fronts lights and also drifting LED taillights. There are other significant details occurring on the outside where there are selections of areas that mesh.

These areas includes the huge rocker panels that flow right into the side sills. B-pillars that are missing out as well as back brake lights that passes through the back glass and move downwards forming the airfoil shape of the back headrest. The 2017 concept is also longer, wider and lower than all the Acura luxury sedans. The new Acura Precision Concept 2017 also features a new diamond government grill. Measurement of this concept is about 204 inches long and 84 inches broad. The wheelbase is about 122 inches coupled with 22-inch wheels and tires.

2017 Acura Precision Concept side

Interior design

The 2017 Acura Precision Concept interior part is highlighted by handmade timber audio speakers, double layered control panels, as well as a slim drifting tear seats. The dynamics system features a small guiding wheel that shifts paddle and controls. There is also a head up display, drifting instrumental panel as well as a huge rounded center screen that is operated by a drifting touch screen.

In a bid to improve the user interface the Acura engineers claims that the car can automatically check each passenger as they get in and select personalized attributes and features including sound, maps as well as the car performance settings. Nearly every surface in the interior is covered by leather, either white from the lower dashboard and a reddish brown for the upper dashboard. Also seating surfaces as well as the steering wheel.

2017 Acura Precision Concept interior

2017 Acura Precision Concept Engine and specs

The Acura officials did not mention anything concerning the 2017 Acura precision drive train but they had named clear that their main aim is to forces on performance of their upcoming models. Car experts agrees that the 2017 concept could be powered by a 3.5 liter V-6 engine as well as a hybrid system from the RLX sport Hybrid. This engine has an ability to produce up to 377 HP to all four wheels. The engine will be coupled with a 9 speed automatic transmission standard .

However if the company decides to produce the precision a few years from now the engineers are likely to come up with a powerful yet efficient hybrid drivetrain. Experts also believe that the precision could use the same version of engines used in the new NSX with an ability of producing 572 HP.

2017 Acura Precision Concept rear

Acura concept cars 2017 pictures

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