2018 Honda Grom

Let us look on the background of 2018 Honda grom before going in depth. The Honda grom first edition was released as a 2014 model in August 2013. Its second model came in 2016, without any changes and then in 2017, its third model was released with some changing. Now finally cat is ready to come out into a bag. 2018 grom is ready to launch with some changing, ABS is its special feature. The new look has been revealed that is enough to attract riders but we will explain its more facts that surely help you to decide it is good for you or not?

2018 Honda Grom

2018 Honda Grom Exterior and Bike design

Nothing major change have done in 2018 Honda Grom. Almost same dimension and style that has adopted his previous model. This model is made in Thailand. Its size looks perfect and wheel sizes of this bike are Front Tire 120/70 – 12, Rear Tire 130/70 – 12. Front brakes diameter is approximately 220 mm / 8.7 inches, and its type name is hydraulic disc, the rear brake is 190 mm / 7.5 inches (hydraulic piston caliper). Led headlight used in this model like the previous model. Higher pillion seat led lights, and under-slung exhaust is simply beautiful.

Bike tires are almost 12 inch wide and rims have the width almost 2.3 inches that made him save to slip on the road. The dimension of this bike are listed below: wheelbase: 47.2 inches, rake: 25°, trail: 3.2 inches; seat height is approximately 30 cm / 12 inches. Net weight is this 229 pounds (for Grom ABS is 234 lbs).

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The model of new bike is very attractive; it came in different colors such as Pearl Red, Matte Grey Metallic, Bright Yellow and Pearl White. Interior design is almost same as in the previous model just ABS technique added in this model, which need to pay an extra payment of almost $200. Digital LCD is placed on the bike that shows all information to the riders. GPS and GSM information’s are also installed on this bike in the very efficient manner shown on this LCD. Speedometer, fuel gauge, twin trip meter, and clock are also displayed on a screen. A rider can set his own trip and all things on the bike.


This bike has a powerful single-cylinder engine, with a displacement of 125cc. Its compression ratios are 9:3:1. Further specifications of this bike’s engine are given below: Type – Single cylinder Displacement: 125cc; Bore x stroke – 52.4mm x 57.9mm; Compression ratio – 9.3:1; Valvetrain – SOHC, two valves; Fueling – EFI w/ automatic enrichment; Cooling – Air; Transmission is 4-speed; Final drive – Chain.
The capacity of the fuel tank in this bike is 1.45 gallons. The average fuel consumption, according to the company 134 MPG. These results are based on EPA. Your mileage can vary according to the roads. Performance of this bike is almost perfect.

Price and released date

Honda Company releasing his new gorgeous bike 2018 grom in late summer. An exact date has not announced yet. The price of this bike is very attractive and not so expensive. Standard bike cost starts at $3,349 and 2018 Honda Grom ABS price starts at $3,549. These prices are fixed and took from main Honda company’s website. Release Date – will be late summer next year.

2018 Honda Grom photos

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