2018 HONDA CB1000R

One of Honda’s most loved bikes, the popular CBR seems to have been given a new lease of life with the release of the latest model, new 2018 HONDA CB1000R. This bike now has a new frame and a new simple racer-inspired striking styling. Furthermore is sticking out from the crowd because of its thrilling function, great performance, and visually impressive aesthetics.

Images credit: Honda Motorcycles
2018 HONDA CB1000R

2018 HONDA CB1000R Exterior, Chassis

The 2018 CB1000R gets a new exterior styling that is bold and unique. A trapezoid silhouette gives this bike more concise proportions. The headlights are round, emphatically styled, and 90 mm / 3.54 inches shorter than those of the previous version. A new mudguard unit has been included and fitted in a way that makes the aluminum tail unit very short.

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The upgraded styling is highlighted by the new alloy wheels to take care of the enlarged rear tire. Also, it gets bigger wheelbase with an extra 10 mm length to stand at 1455 mm or 57.3 inches. The bike’s rake has been positioned at 24.7 degrees and comes with 100 mm trail / 3.8 inches. Finally, it’s seat height is at 830 mm / 32.7 inches. The wet weight of the bike is 212 kg / 467 pounds which 26 pounds lighter than its predecessor.

Images credit: Honda Motorcycles

The old smaller tire has now been replaced with a new 190/55 tire to give you enhanced performance on the road. The height and width of the handlebar have both been increased by 0.5 inches to offer more leverage to the rider. Both wheels are 17 inches cast aluminum. The rear tire uses a 6-inch rim. The front tire retains the 120/70 specifications. This beauty has ABS system of braking with big 310 mm
/ 12 inches front discs and 256 mm / 10 inches rear discs.

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The bike will be offered in three colors:
– Candy Chromosphere Red,
– Matt Bullet Silver,
– Graphite Black.

The bike comes with brand new shows units to take care of its suspension duties. An adjustable fork-big piston unit with a separate shower function gives the bike the appropriate damping capabilities. These abilities are secluded in one leg so as to save some weight.
There is also an adjustable rear cushion shock that enables you to set the suspension according to your requirements. There are a number of electronic features that deliver serenity, compliance, and control for various riding conditions.

2018 HONDA CB1000R

New HONDA CB1000R 2018 Engine

The bike uses a 4-cylinder 998cc DOHC engine just like its predecessor. However, it has been improved to give it enhanced torque and response capabilities for mid-range usage. The bump up in compression has been changed to 11.6:1 from the previous value of 11.2:1. The previous engine used cast pistons which have now been forged to increase their durability and strength.

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In order to refine the flow that passes through the engine, the exhaust and the valve inlet have been slightly raised. Honda has designed this bike to deliver a horsepower of 143.5 hp at 10,500 rpm and a torque of 76.7 lb-ft at 8,250 rpm. Most spirited riding of this bike will occur within the region of between 6000 and 8000 rpm. Transmission is 6-speed manual. This beast spend
16.7km / liter or 39 mpg, as a big spender it has the big fuel tank with the capacity of 16 liters / 4.3 gallons.

You should look out for the three levels of engine brake (EB), engine power (P), and HSTC (honda selectable torque control). These three levels can be combined to give you different riding modes. When you combine medium EB, high HSTC, and low power setting, you get the RAIN mode. The STANDARD mode uses the medium settings of all the three levels. A combination of lowest EB and HSTC settings with high power setting gives you the SPORTS mode.

Price and release date

This bike is expected to reach the European market within the third quarter of the year. In terms of price, the bike is expected go for $15,750.

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2018 HONDA CB1000R photos

Images credit: Honda Motorcycles

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