2016 Honda Jazz Review, Prices

The 2016 Honda Jazz is the third-generation model in the lineup. This model features bold yet refined interior and exterior design, with unrivalled inside space and versatility. Occupants of the vehicle will gain from that increased the sophistication and highly developed safety and infotainment technologies, including a highly competent and dynamic driving experience. The 2016 model Jazz will be released in five trim levels, such as S, SE, SE Navi, EX and EX Navi.

2016 Honda Jazz front


An all-fresh exterior design brings the next generation Honda Jazz into line with the complete range of novel and revived Honda models, introducing in 2015. While the 2016 Jazz retains the usual Jazz silhouette, it shows distinctive modern styling including a commanding new face and physically powerful lines. The use of the ingeniously packaged novel global B-segment chassis of Honda indicates that the hottest Jazz is even larger on the inside. Due to this platform, the 2016 Jazz is more frivolous than its predecessor and gains from greater firmness. The Magic Seats system of Honda ensures that the interior offers matchless versatility and class-leading room, with a variety of configurations for carrying passengers and cargo.

Premium soft-touch materials and caring interior design offer a refined ambience. Through a seven-inch touch screen in the heart of the dashboard, Honda Connect is an innovative in-car infotainment structure that offers internet surfing and access to instantaneous news, weather and traffic, and many internet music channels.
The new Jazz comes equipped with an Advanced Driver Assist System package that uses mid-range radar and a camera, underpins a complete set of new sophisticated safety technologies, introduced across the new product lineup of Honda during 2015.

2016 Honda Jazz side

2016 Honda Jazz Changes, Exterior

The 2016 Honda Jazz comes with an extra body length of 95 mm and addition wheelbase of 30 mm when compared to those of its predecessor. The remaining external dimensions remain the same as those of the outgoing model. All models will be offered with 16-inch alloy wheels, wearing 185/55 R16 83H sized tires in the front and back as standard. The new vehicle comes with the external dimensions of 3995 x 1694 x 1550 mm in length, width and height respectively with the wheelbase length of 2530 mm and a curb weight of 1113 kg.

The new Jazz comes equipped with improved, lighter suspension parts. It comes outfitted with the front MacPherson struts and an H-type torsion beam at the back. Both suspensions mix with the longer wheelbase to offer travel stability by reducing pitching movements in a natural way. The new vehicle also comes equipped with innovative damper systems that improve the ride quality for occupants and lessens vibrations from the highway into the cabin. It also comes prepared with a fresh electric power-supported steering system that causes superior feedback for the driver. The novel front suspension geometry of the vehicle offers a steady and composed handling, assisting the response to feel more precise, natural and nimble through corners.

The novel suspension also assists dampen road sound and vibration by dipping the interruption of harsh body inputs for sophisticated composure. Complete soundproofing delivers further developments, notably dipping engine, highway and wind noise. The dash region of the body received meticulous attention to decrease noise paths, whereas aerodynamic covers beneath the body lessen airflow noise at the same time as reducing the aero drag.

2016 Honda Jazz wheels

The bold X-shaped front fascia of the next gen Honda Jazz rises about the lower edge of the headlights, above the bonnet, and down the roofline to the back roof spoiler. It then falls to the vehicle’s lower bumper skirt, to generate a safe, planted look. The twin body-side cut-in swage stripes rise from the front wheel curve to provide a forward leaning, determined in-motion look.
At the back, the tailgate spoiler and near-perpendicular back windscreen offer a strong artistic look, whereas the angular back combination lights highlight the bold design.
The overall result is that the 2016 model Jazz feels and appears peerlessly refined, with reassuringly composed and sophisticated dynamics.

2016 Honda Fit Interior

The 2016 Honda Jazz interior comes with an extraordinary looks, space and adaptability. The new B-segment platform of Honda, shared with the all-fresh HR-V uses highly competent packaging solutions. A lower-silhouette fuel tank, installed beneath the front seats slackens under-floor space below the back seats, allowing the platform to house the new Magic Seats system of Honda.
With the longer body and wheelbase, the 2016 Jazz is endowed with amazing interior passenger space, offering the adequate shoulder, leg, and headroom in the front and back, which are matchless in the class.

The new Jazz comes with the cargo volume of 354 liters and this can be increased to 884 liters by folding the rear seats. The cabin comes equipped with 60:40 configured split back Magic Seats, which can adopt many configurations to maximize the adaptability of the roomy interior.
The seats within the cabin have been designed with three modes, such as Utility, Tall and Long, such that each has their own features, In the Utility mode, the back seat back folds frontward while the seat bottom lowers to make a long, even floor. In the Tall mode, the back seat bottom is locked in an upright position to leave room from ground to ceiling. The Long mode makes the front and back passenger seat backs fold frontward to a flat position.

With an extensive tailgate and low cargo tallness, access to the boot is painless, whereas four tie-downs in the boot allow objects to be safely transported.
Inside, the cabin of the vehicle offers all inhabitants a sense of airy roominess because of a big windscreen that meets the top panel a long way backward. This, together with the huge front quarter windows offers outstanding forward visibility and allows plenty of luminosity into the cabin.

Quality materials inside the cabin comprise high-grade, refined black soft-touch dash and border surfaces with first-class detailing, complementing upholstery materials and refined chrome trim pronunciations.
Steering wheel installed controls provide trouble-free access to usually used functions and allow the driver to toggle between different information views on the center console screen that comes equipped with either a 5-inch LCD multi-information exhibitor 7-inch Honda Connect infotainment touch screen, according to the trim levels.

2016 Honda Jazz interior

Honda Jazz 2016 Interior

The instinctive Connect interface uses Smartphone-style, swipe, pinch and tap functionality. It is compatible with the Android operating system and provides quick and trouble-free access to internet-derived services, including real-time traffic, internet browsing, social media, news and climate and online music stations.

Like with all new Honda models sold in Europe, the 2016 Honda Jazz is fixed with numerous premium safety technologies. All higher end model come equipped with the Advanced Driver Assist System as standard, whereas all the entry-levels models will be offered with this system as an option. This system includes:
 Forward Collision Warning.
 Intelligent Speed Assist.
 Lane Departure Warning.
 High-beam Support System.
 Traffic Sign Recognition system.
However, all models of the 2016 Jazz come equipped with the City-Brake Active system of Honda as standard.


The 2016 Honda compact car will be equipped with a novel commanding and efficient i-VTEC gasoline engine with the displacement of 1.3 liters that has been brought from the Earth Dreams Technology series of Honda. This engine offers the new vehicle the required power output of 102 PS at 6,000 RPM and the required torque output of 123Nm at 5000 RPM. This engine makes the new Jazz attain the velocity of 62 mph from the start in 11.5 seconds and assists it to attain the maximum velocity of 118 mph. The 2016 model Jazz is a top inexpensive performer that delivers a maximum of 61.4 mpg, assisting owners to spend less money on petrol.

New Honda Jazz rear

The 2016 Honda Jazz engine will be paired with the six-velocity manual transmission as standard, replacing the five velocity gearbox, found in the earlier model. The new Jazz will also be offered with a semi-mechanical continuously variable transmission as an option.
A sophisticated ride is associated with more responsive and appealing handling, owing to a new, firmer and more frivolous chassis and a retuned suspension system. Furthermore, the innovative chassis and dynamic system with commanding, competent engine, delivering sophisticated driving characteristics.
The engine offers the new Jazz a maximum towing capacity of 1000 kg during the braked condition and 450 kg during unbraked condition.


The new Honda Jazz release date was in Europe during summer 2015. However, the base price varies according to the models.
The base price of the S model will be £13,495 ($ 19,602).
The base price of the SE model will be £14,995 ($ 21,180).
The base price of the SE Navi model will be £15,605 ($ 22,042).
The base price of the EX model will be £15,995 ($22,593).
The base price of the S model will be £16,605 ($23,455).

New Honda Jazz 2016 Photos

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