2017 Acura CDX For Chinese Market

2018 Honda CR-V spy photos frontAcura, which is the luxury segment of Japanese auto manufacturing business, was established approximately 30 years ago. Its lift started during the 1990’s, and by now it is an exceptionally recognizable division with automobiles that top their classes. Lately, Acura was concerned with the sports utility market, and there are big hopes for it, particularly from its innovative 2017 Acura CDX, which is about to be released in China during the month of July 2016. Since the launch of the first generation Acura CDX in 1990, the Acura lineup of luxury sedans was created after four years. From then the Acura CDX has turned out to be one among the most admired small size crossover vehicles in the middle of car buying consumers.

As the model has lingered popular until now, the expectation of the release has mounted very much. When this extravagance crossover hits the new sedan market through the auto shows in Beijing in 2016, countless buyers will be extremely impressed and persuaded to acquire it. The bad news is that Acura is going to construct its new model exclusively for the Chinese market only. It is expected that it would come with a fresh look, both inside and out, but with the same size of the Honda CR-V. However, the most visible changes will be done in its performance, exhaust system and in the inner part of the vehicle. The new Acura CDX 2017 is released in view of the tenth year survival of Acura in China.

2017 Acura CDX front

2017 Acura CDX Exterior

The exterior styling is similar to that of the Acura Precision Concept car. Nearly all exterior elements in its front part, like the headlamps and the grille, come with the similar angular styling that imitates the design cues of the concept car. The 2017 Acura CDX US edition, if released, will come with the similar exterior design, as well. The design is excessive less polarizing than the existing design lingo of the brand. The 2017 version Acura SUV is not only said to appear immense as a huge portion of the fine equipment, but it is also said that the new-fangled vehicle is extremely broad in size.

The restyling that has been provided to the front part will boost its overall aesthetic front appearance. That whole aside, the front part is incredibly detailed. It comes outfitted with a five-sided front grille that features an increasing mesh-type insert that instigates from the gigantic Acura logo. Down underneath, the facade is dressed in three vast openings that are quite evocative of BMW. It also comes outfitted with revamped fog lights that assist makes the area brighter, which is usually consisting of dark shades.

Regarding the side profile, the innovative CDX comes festooned with hard-pleated body lines with enormous wheel opening pronunciations and dual body lines that run under the door handles and just over the door foots. Both of those stripes continue up to the back of the vehicle, where the angular outline is additionally exploited. Each curve is slanting, leaving almost no edges or round surfaces. A luminous chrome trim sprints down the rocker panels, side window apertures and down the roof rails, as well.
Around rear, the innovative CDX comes outfitted with big taillights that are analogous to those of the Toyota RAV4, but they take their individual distinctive lighting design. The back face comes outfitted with a revamped bumper, where extra chrome is seen.
The 2017 version CDX comes with the exterior dimensions of 176.9 x 72.4 x 62.9 inches in length, width and height respectively. This means that the new vehicle will be bigger than the previous model.

2017 Acura CDX rear

After the launch of the 2017 CDX in 2016, the vehicle is anticipated to provide buyers with a variation of changes and upgrades accepted from Honda, the parent business. Consistent with the market specialists, the main and most apparent change to the new CDX will be external. Previous reports are proposing that the external of the unbelievably popular Acura will feature a more hostile artistic change, concurrently being more recent in appearance, style and design.
On the whole, the 2017 version CDX is a tremendously stylized crossover that would achieve pretty well in the Chinese automobile market.

2017 Acura CDX Interior

Even though Acura has not yet exposed the inside design of its 2017 version CDX, it is anticipated that it will go through some slight tweaks and some artistic changes to get it ready to compete capably with its only major rival, the Buick Envision. The cabin of the new-fangled vehicle has been designed to provide a contented sitting place for five adult passengers. It also comes with sufficient cargo space, which can be additionally enlarged by folding the rear row seats. The dashboard within the cabin also comes with the similar angular design. It is also anticipated that the automaker would offer the identical inside design like that of the Precision Concept car. If it takes place, shoppers can wait for their new version CDX with a more traditional center console and dashboard layout, though both could come outfitted with some innovative technology integration.

Changes to the indoor of the new-fangled sports utility vehicle will be geared up with a design, offering travelers and drivers with heaps of recreation, enjoyment and easiness due to its fundamental general styling. The safety system and the infotainment system will be complemented by an exceptional safety system, and all have been improved particularly for the new refurbish.


The next generation Acura CDX would get its required power and torque from a turbocharged powertrain with four cylinders and with the capacity of 1.5 liters. This powertrain will be competent to construct the maximum power of 182 horses and the maximum twist of 177 lbs per foot. The powertrain will be installed in the front end of the new-fangled CDX, and it is mated to an eight-rate mechanical transmission system. The powertrain also offers the new-fangled CDX greater acceleration that makes it get the pace of 60 mph from the stationary mode within 8.5 seconds and helps it to gain the maximum velocity of 130 mph.

2017 Acura CDX front

About mileage, the novel CDX offers the 18 mpg as city mileage, 27 mpg as highway mileage and 21 mpg as combined mileage.
It as well gossips that the novel CDX would come prepared with a V6, 3.5-liter capacity power plant to offer it superior performance, but it is not yet time-honored by the automaker. If the rumor turns out to be correct, the novel vehicle would get the added power and twist of 290 HP and 275 lbs-feet respectively. In this condition, the 2017 Acura CDX engine will be paired with a six-tempo perfunctory transmission system.
Despite the power plant options, the novel CDX will be offered with front-wheel drive mode as standard and four-wheel drive mode as an option.

Base price and the date of release

The 2017 Acura CDX release date in China is likely to be on 16 July 2016. Relating to pricing, the likely starting price of the novel vehicle will diverge between 250,000 and 300,000 Yuan ($38,000 and $46,000).

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