2018 Honda S2000 Roadster Rumored

Honda, the car manufacturer in Japan, will have its 70-th anniversary in 2018, and rumors suggest that the automaker will commemorate the date by introducing a new edition of the S2000 roadster. The news is mostly hopeful seeing how the automaker established that the S660 roadster will not ground in the United States because the lack of interest. However and there is the big chance for American shoppers to get a small sports coupe under the famous name S2000, which is a low budget car and cheap replacement for Acura NSX.

The new roadster would be a suitable way for the automaker to demonstrate its eagerness for its longevity, and it would not be the primary time. In 1998, the new Honda marked its fiftieth anniversary by introducing the first S2000 Roadster. According to reliable sources, the new 2018 Honda S2000 Roadster will be constructed together with the NSX sports car in Ohio, whereas here in the United States, the new vehicle will be sold with the name Acura.


2018 Honda S2000 Roadster Exterior

The next generation Honda S2000 is expected to come with the same size as that of the Mazda MX-5 Miata, but it will be more powerful. As far as the external styling of the new vehicle goes, the latest Precision coupe concept of Acura, offers a probable jumping-off point for the upcoming Honda S2000 designs, although with the hostile styling turned back some notches.

Buyers accustomed to the manufacturing abilities of Honda know that the business does not feature a dedicated podium for the supposed 2018 Roadster. However, both the NSX sports car and the highly praised S660 small roadster came out without having a devoted platform for any of them. At the 2016 Detroit Auto Show, the Japanese automaker displayed the Acura Precision Concept that could show the way to the future anniversary model. This means that the new Roadster is expected to come with the same external look as that of the Acura Precision Concept.
The concept was constructed on a back-drive platform that used a hybrid engine. Consistent with the rumors, the new Honda S2000 roadster 2018 would weigh less than 2,900 pounds (1315 kg).

2018 Honda S2000 Roadster 1

2018 Honda S2000 Interior

Nothing can now be confirmed about the interior design of the new Honda S2000 2018 because Honda has not yet revealed anything about it. However, the cabin of the new vehicle will most probably be trimmed in finest quality materials with updated safety features. If this model is taking competitors on other fine sports car, they have to make it fashionable and technologically updated, as well.

2009  S2000 interior

2009 S2000 interior


The 2018 Honda S2000 Roadster is expected to come equipped with a turbocharged power plant, which was used to power the Honda Civic Type R. Naturally, the engine will have the displacement of 2.0 liters. This engine would offer its performance with one back-mounted electric motor and two front-mounted electric motors, using a torque-vectoring setup. As a result, the new roadster would get the highest combined power output of 250-300 horsepower. Less than with Civic, wich produce 306 hp.

Base price and the date of release

Although the information about the base price and the release date of the 2018 Honda S2000 Roadster are not available right now, this vehicle will be an exciting one to ride and drive, targeting more premium shoppers based on the consumer base of the brand. The expected price of the 2018 Roadster should be below $ 20-22,000.

2009 Honda S2000 Ultimate Edition

2009 Honda S2000 Ultimate Edition

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