2017 Honda AC-X Concept should be in production soon

The Honda AC-X was first unveiled at the 2011 Motor Show in Tokyo. At first, the model was not so appealing and it did not live up to the publicity as anticipated due to low performance of its engine and specs. It has taken the company almost six years as now to create an impact by introducing the redesigned version of this model for the model year 2017. This time, the 2017 Honda AC-X comes equipped with two powerful engines to make it a performance-oriented machine in the lineup. There may also be some aesthetic tweaks in its interior and exterior designs.

2017 Honda AC-X front 3

2017 Honda AC-X Exterior

Honda did not remain dormant since the introduction of the first generation of the new Honda AC-X 2017. The automaker has looked after all the technologies and has done a superb job in designing a more stylish. It comes with an external design that looks enigmatic and stylish by means of a new hood design in company with a front bumper. The back section will not dissatisfy the fans, as the single lined tail lamps have been designed attractively and a restyled bumper have been installed at the back.

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Overall, the external design of the new vehicle looks aggressive and attractive and this would surprise the fans, as they would be rewarded with something special, something that goes beyond their expectations. The new 2017 Honda ACX has been offered with double-lever a system of steering, which is extremely different from various modern cars.

2017 Honda AC-X side

2017 Honda ACX Interior

Interior specs of the new Honda AC-X 2017 looks elegant and if buyers are the enthusiasts of sci-fi movies, the new vehicle will certainly remind them of some. This is because the Interior design of the vehicle looks to have come down from a fictional structural design. Most of the interior parts have been prepared with white carbon to offer it a luxurious inside look. The new interior feature, which is incorporated into the new vehicle is the availability of the autopilot option, which allows drivers to choose between the auto-drive mode as well as the engine-drive mode.

2017 Honda AC-X interior


Just similar to the earlier models in the lineup, the 2017 Honda AC-X will have two engine options. All models of the new vehicle would come equipped with a powerful four-cylinder power unit with the displacement of 1.6 liters, which would produce the greatest power of 167 horsepower.
The second optional engine will be a hybrid variant that will offer its performance in combination with a durable electric motor. When the motor is fully charged, the new AC-X will be capable of attaining the maximum velocity of 62 mph.

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Both these power units will be attached to a five-velocity or six-velocity transmission system. Fuel expenditure will be economical because the fuel consumption per kilometer has been greatly reduced when compared to that of the outgoing model by returning the engines effectively, together with the reduced emission rate of carbon dioxide.

2017 Honda AC-X rear 1

Base price and the date of release

The 2017 Honda AC-X will be released for sale during the concluding part of 2016 or during the primary part of 2017. The new vehicle will be available at a starting price that ranges from $ 37,000 to $ 39,000.

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2017 Honda AC-X Photos

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