2018 Honda Accord next generation

The Accord was first introduced to the worldwide market by the Japanese automaker Honda in 1976, except in the United States. This model was introduced in America in 1989 and since then, it was one among the highest selling vehicle in the country. Honda used its nameplate for a range of vehicles, such as wagons, coupes, crossovers, and hatchbacks, all over the world. The 2018 Honda Accord, which is a medium-sized sedan, is just the adaptation of the 2016 model Accord, which is the ninth generation vehicle in the series.

Update, July 2017

History has a special place for the Honda Accord brand. Reputed to be a total success in every possible way, this Honda range is on record to have seen over 13 million units sold the world over. The award winning 86 line comes in both coupe and sedan variants. The Accord is set to further exert its dominance in the middle sized vehicle market. Features such as its new looks alongside its turbo charged engines in addition to its power train.

Further features such as its automatic transmission (10 speed) as well as its manual 6-speed transmission depending on the customers preference all make this awesome ride a must get for any real car lover. There will be two engine choices for the buyers, i.e. a 1.5 liter and a 2-liter engine. The details are provided under ‘engine’ section. As per the news, the 2.0 L engine will be offered in four different trim levels, EX-L, EX-L Navi, Sports and Touring. Whereas along with EX-L, EX-L Navi, Sports and Touring, 2 more trims levels LX and EX will be offered in 1.5 Liter engine variant.

For Hybrid lovers, five trims will be available, Hybrid, Touring, EX, EX-L and EX-L Navi. Although there is presently not much information in public circles about the next-gen Honda Accord, that is in terms of specifics, one could easily deduce from its pre debut sketch what everyone should expect from the tenth generation Honda Accord.

2018 Honda Accord Exterior

One of the first things you will easily notice about the all new Accord is the presence of an even larger grille; this should certainly send signals as to the evolutionary intent of Honda in terms of design. There is the presence of a larger air dam below the car as well as the elimination of the smaller grille. The presence of the larger grille is certainly poised to give the all new accord a wider mouth outlook that can only be likened to that of the Camry although it is expected not be a s wide. The grille is touted to come in black in the standard order although there may be chrome options for others whose taste may be higher. This innovation should surely give the car a new look that is sure to turn the eyes of car enthusiasts.

However, the front end is not the only part that should catch your attention.
Another rather catchy feature is the stout body lines that are long and drag from the A pillar to the hood. The body line that draws from the lower part of the waistline shows itself from the arches at the front and has a sharp outlook as it moves to the back of the car. A look at the lower parts will reveal that the side profile is complemented by some quite aggressive features. Although what the back will look like may not be all that clear at the moment, you can be sure that it won’t be anything short of wonderful.

2018 Honda Accord

Furthermore, a look at the side mirrors will reveal will show you that they will come in a thin and wide shape. This should give it a sexy and attractive look that would certainly get eyes turning to its direction, another quite interesting prospect in this regard is that it could end up housing external cameras. These cameras should surely come in handy in more than one ways. Also, the all new 2018 Honda accord is expected to come in a low and wide build which should certainly bring about the best deal money can buy in terms of aesthetics and overall quality. The car specifications show that the wheelbase will be about 111.4 inches, the length is expected to be about 192.1 inches, also, the height is projected to be about 57.1 inches, and the width should be exactly 73,2 inches.

Honda Accord 2018 Interior

Even if you don’t seem too excited about the aforementioned features, you should be excited about some of the innovations that should feature on the car’s interior. The instrument cluster is expected to wear a new look as well as its dash design which should be reworked. In as much as one cannot really be sure of what Honda intends for the 2018 Accord, it should be safe to speculate that considerable progress ought to be made in the cabin segment. With new innovations in this regard being seen in other Honda Variants, it should be safe to assume that the all new Honda Accord should if anything be a better deal.

Having noted that there may be a complete overhaul of the interior of this beauty, it should be safe to say that the interior will certainly experience some notable changes starting from its cabin. Also, the instrument cluster and the design of the dash board should certainly get people excited as regards what the car has to offer. Once you are inside the new Honda Accord you will feel the cabin is quieter than its previous model’s thanks to the new sound absorbing carpet and a sound insulating package, plus the windshield is also laminated with acoustic glass.

Moreover, the EX and higher trim levels are upgraded with 3 microphone Active Noise Control system. On the packaging of the dash board, customers should expect leather wrapping for the higher trim; the other levels should come with plastic packaging. In addition to these, the look of the door and the arm rest should be full of surprises as well. Customers should expect something nice and comfortable in that regard.

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The all new 2018 Honda Accord is nothing short of a next generation car and such, certain technological innovations should not come as too much of a surprise to customers. For one, the display unit should experience considerable changes, also the normal mobile connectivity services provided by Android Autoplay, Apple CarPlay should feature. Also, you should expect USB and auxiliary ports in the middle of the console close to the 12 volts power supply source. Also, the side cameras earlier speculated should mean that innovative rearview mirrors as well as a double screen for the purpose of blind spot monitoring ought to expect.

2018 Honda Accord interior


It is expected that two new Turbocharged direct injected engines should be in place upon release. Customers should expect a 1.5-litre engine with an output of 192 horsepower @ 5500 rpm along with 192 pounds feet of torque. Also, we should expect to see the 2.0 liter 252 horse power output R variant, which can produce a torque of 273 pounds feet @ 1500-4000 pm. The implication of this is that Honda is coming with a big bang with its fuel efficiency and monster power output. This may not agree with many people who prefer the V 6 engine variant, however, Honda has come out with statistics showing that only about 10% of its patron actually go for the V 6 and as such, the turbocharged four bangers may be the right choice in that regard.

The first engine is available with Continuously Variable Automatic Transmission and six-speed manual transmission is offered in Sports trim. However first time with the front wheel drive car Honda Accord’s 2.0-liter engine is presented with the 10-speed automatic transmission. Drivers can choose between Normal or Sport driving modes according to their driving environment. In order to be fuel efficient, the HVAC function and throttle mapping can be adjusted with Honda Accord’s exclusive ECON mode.

Moreover, a 2018 Honda Accord Hybrid version will also be available. It will be having an Atkinson cycle 2.0-liter engine under its hood along with electric motors and hybrid battery pack. To manage cargo space, instead of the trunk the battery pack is placed on the floor of the rear seat. Fuel economy and power output details will be disclosed near the launching date.

Safety features

When it comes to Honda, the brand is promised to provide enhanced safety to its passengers. So is the new Accord which is equipped with a number of technologies to assist the driver during driving along with some basic safety aids, such as:
• Front and side air bags and knee bags
• Anti lock brakes
• Traction Control
• Electronic Brake Distribution
• Cross Traffic Monitor
• Blind Spot Monitoring
• 360 degree rear view camera
• Sensors for rear and front parking

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And that is not the end, the new Accord also has Honda’s exclusive Sensing Safety suite. The suite includes the following safety features:
• Lane Departure warning
• Traffic Sign acknowledgment
• Adaptive Cruise Control
• Collision Mitigation Braking System
• Road Departure Mitigation

New Honda Accord 2018 Price and Release date

It is expected that the latest japanese sedan should range in the region of 22,450 to 35,955 Dollars depending on the trim of choice. As for the 2018 Accord release date, it is expected to be on sale in the latter part of 2017 or the early part of the year 2018.

2018 Honda Accord photos


2018 Honda Accord Redesign

The 2018 Accord will be constructed with a sleek and athletic body, made of lightweight materials to offer better performance and fuel saving characteristics. The new sedan is expected to come with an aggressive front fascia, which will now be equipped with a daring grille and with a set of square-shaped LED headlamps to offer it a luxurious front look. The vehicle comes with a small trunk lid, with a sexy and curved roofline that combines with an aggressive slanting window at the back in a smooth way.
Although new Accord 2018 is the redesigned version of the existing accord, it resembles the current model of the Honda Civic and marks an exit from a more traditional shape of the current model. Moreover, the 2018 model is going to underpin its platform with the Honda Civic because the automaker moves on the way to less, but more supple, vehicle structural design.

New Accord 2018 Interior

The interior of the future Accord is expected to be improved, but it’s a pity, because there are only few spy photos of the interior, with not much to show. However, some rumors imply that its interior features will be borrowed from the tenth generation Civic. Furthermore, the cabin should get more control keys and improved infotainment system. The new vehicle is a bit bigger footstep, meaning the cabin will be also bigger, considering that Civic has “grown up”, nothing unusual that Accord does the same.
One thing is certain, the cabin will get a bigger center display than that of the current Accord. It will now be designed with the touchscreen expertise. Some notable standard interior features that are expected to offer include Android Auto and Apple Car Play.


For the model year 2018, the tenth generation sedan, the 2018 Accord should get the same four-cylinder power unit as the base engine. But, it will be the more powerful engine. The main reason is, that this should be a four-cylinder 2.0 turbocharged power unit. This smaller, but the stronger engine will be used instead of the V6 engine found in the earlier model. Another engine should be 1.5-liter, update soon.
The new Honda Accord 2018 hybrid variant comes with the same four-cylinder power unit that powered older Hybrid. However, it will be finely tuned to offer the vehicle, more power output of 212 horsepower with the cooperation of a durable electric motor.

Date of release and the base cost

Buyers can expect their new Honda sedan during the last quarter of 2017, but Honda does not yet confirm it. Similarly, with the unknown base cost, it is expected to be slightly higher than the current Accord, which is now available at $22,355.

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