2019 Honda Insight hybrid

The all new 2019 Honda Insight Hybrid model is one car that is sure to make a big difference in the auto industry for the year 2019 and beyond. This beauty of a car comes with certain features that make it stand out even amongst its peers in the same category. not too long ago, Honda came up with the test running of the third generation Insight, although not much is yet known about the car as mainly spy shots have been gotten off the car without the opportunity of its innate qualities. However, our findings have revealed that the car. For now, it has been found out that the test run is making use of the body of the Honda City. This new car is expected to compete favorably with Toyotas superb Prius especially when it comes to its drivetrain capabilities.

History shows that the previous Insight Hybrid was canceled as a result of relatively poor sales, therefore, this raises the level of curiosity as to what should be expected with the all-new 2029 Honda Insight hybrid. It is worthy of note however that the Japanese car makers have thought it wise to include as much if not even more of the powertrain that is currently available in the Accord Hybrid. However, the two motor Hybrid systems won’t be supported by a 2-liter unit, however with some a bit smaller gas engine. It is also been speculated that the car should come hybrid as well as plug-in hybrid options.

2019 Honda Insight

2019 Honda Insight Exterior

The all-new Honda insight 2019 is primed to be on the basis of the design of the Honda Civic. It is expected to share similarities in its wheelbase and track width with the all-new Model city even though it is expected to be quite longer and taller. The cabin is expected to take up to five people. Also, the suspension system is expected that is more or less like its predecessor, although its breaks are expected to be smaller while also coming in a much cheaper form.

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Another area to look at is the front end of the car which is expected to feature nearly the same features as the Accord. However, it is expected to come with some unique changes such as slimmer headlights as well as coming with the same set of the grille as that which is obtainable in the hydrogen-powered variant.

Honda Insight 2019 Interior

The interior of the all new 2019 Honda insight should get latest improvement and technologies, it is expected to share some similarities in its layout with the Civic. However, patrons should expect some difference especially in the instrument cluster compartment which may end up being put in the centre stack of the new Honda Insight Hybrid.

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This is one compartment that should get Honda users really excited. This is so due to the fact that the all-new 2019 Insight comes along with a unique fuel efficiency system. This will be achieved by an upgraded hybrid system. The previous version made use of a 1.3-liter engine that was naturally aspirated. The total power output was about 198 horsepower as well as 123lb ft torque output. However, in spite of this, it was still able to perform rather well which made it a delight for customers. It is currently been speculated that Honda is currently working on a new and improved Hybrid system.

This system is expected to make use of an all-new 1.0-liter turbo engine. The implication is that we should expect up to 100 horsepower as well as up to 150 lb-ft of torque. Furthermore, the system will make use of the front wheel by the use of a CVT gearbox thus enabling it to reach up to 55MPG per time. This should certainly get it ahead of the competition.

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Price and release date

Considering the fact that it is still in its test stage, it is expected that the all-new 2019 Honda Insight hybrid should be out in the year 2018. It should cost around $20,000, it may very well be the best selling in its class when unveiled for sales.

2019 Honda Insight spy shots

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