2019 Honda S2000 Rumors

The S2000 is certainly one model that has been in existence for about a decade, it is a two-seat sports car that has been in production for a while now. As a matter of fact, the last model has last produced about ten years ago now and ever since then, there has been no other one to replace it in the series. It, however, seems as though things are about to become different as Honda appears to be cooking something in the kitchen. Not too long ago, Honda came up with a rather tiny S660 sports car that was targeted at the Japanese auto market, as a matter of fact, it was even rumored that this may be the all-new 2019 Honda S2000, however, and it appears that this may not be the truth. This does not, however, mean that the next-gen S2000 will not be produced. As a matter of fact, there were a few revelations about the soon to be released 2019 S200. It appears that it will share a couple of similarities with its predecessor. It is expected to make use of a mid-front engine, as well as rear wheel drive and a build that can best be described as lightweight.

2019 Honda S2000 Redesign, Exterior design

Information about the exterior of the new 2019 S2000 is still a little bit sketchy, however, one can safely speculate that it won’t be as over the roof as the all-new Civic Type R. It is been speculated that the car will be based on Acura’s all-new corporate design. The implication of this is that it should spot a low front end which should be like that of the NSX supercar, also a similar grille that should come with a little bit more subtle splitter as well as the possibility of fresh intakes. Another thing about this car is the fact that it should have a rear that should look like that of the Acura NSX. This could very well be the beginning of us getting to seeing Honda building a range of high-performance automobiles, as a matter of fact, a new brand may even be kicked off. Just like before, the S2000 will still be a convertible that comes with a soft top so as to help save as much weight as could be saved.

2019 Honda S2000 rendering

Honda S2000 2019 Interior design

Just like its predecessor, the new Honda coupe could come with a rather basic interior. However, even though it may come basic, it is still expected to come with quite a number of features for its price. Just as it was before, a majority of the control functions are most likely going to be targeted at the driver so as to make it easier to drive fast. Furthermore, the carmaker seems to have made it a point with this car to work on its comfort department with a little more room for the legs as well as the shoulder.


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Safety features

The Honda team has not given any particular update regarding the safety features installed in the new S2000. However, while keeping in mind the safety features, we can say that this new variant could cater the following features as standard and there can be the addition of some new features too.
• Front side head airbags along with seat belts
• Antilock brakes with City-Brake Active safety system
• Cruise Control
• Forward Collision Warning
• Electronic Brake Distribution
• Automatic headlights
• Electronic stability control
• Lane Departure Alert
• Keyless Entry and Start
• Rear View Camera



Almost like what was obtainable in the older models, the all-new 2019 HONDA S2000 is expected to come with a 2.0 liter 4 cylinder engine. That does not mean that there won’t be any modification as it is expected to spot some changes. For instance, the new engine is expected to be turbocharged and it appears as though Honda will make use of a two-stage electric supercharging system. This will thus remove the turbo lag from the car engine and thus rev up its torque at lower revolutions per minute. A great benefit of this system is that it could also be used to improve the fuel efficiency of the car although it may well make use of a 6-speed manual transmission system as its base.

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Although information about its performance is still quite sketchy, it appears as though the new engine will give out about 320 horsepower. The Civic type R utilizes the same engine and gives out about 316 horsepower even though it does not have the electric supercharging system. On the basis of that, we can safely expect to have much more from the S2000. Also, due to the 6speed manual system, we could just we’ll see the car becoming the fastest roadster that can be found in the market, especially due to the fact that most of its pear have either become extinct or been replaced by expensive ones.

Price and release date

It would interest you to note that this car will actually be built upon a bespoke platform. This is expected to be done by making use of aluminum as well as some inserts of carbon In some key areas of the car. What this would mean is that the car should weigh about 2,700 pounds which should invariably make the new HONDA S2000 2019 one of the lightest cars in its own category. However, this would also mean that the car should be a lot more expensive than normal. There are rumors that it should get up to $50,000 which should put it in the same category as the upcoming supra. It is also expected to have its world premiere in the later part of the year 2018 at about the same time the company will be marking its 70th anniversary. It is expected that the presentation will be done at the Los Angeles Auto show and sales are expected to begin during the 2019 model year.

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2019 Honda S2000 rendering

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