2018 Honda CB650F Review

Honda seems to be bringing the CB650F to the local market. Riders in Europe have had the privilege to be riding it for quite a few years now, however, not many Americans actually know the ride. Features such as the 649 cc engine place this unique mid-range sports bike In the exciting range, certainly, it is awesome to have a combination of fun as well as nakedness in one same package. The trend today is that of naked bikes in which you have them as the modern type of factory produced motorbikes which is the direct replica of the homegrown bobbers that witnessed certain essential equipment stripped away, this left the remaining sheet metal made a little bit lighter. The all-new 2018 Honda CB650F finds itself comfortably in that category.

2018 Honda CB650F

2018 CB650F Design

The new 2018 Honda CB650F comes with a unique design that stands out among those of its peers in the same category. This bike makes use of cheek fairings for the purpose of having some bling as well as a splash of silvery painting on it that makes it look different from its surrounding. In addition to this, it also comes with a unique front fender that is between the blackout fork sliders that gives it a possibility to the custom garage world.

Furthermore, it is a normal thing to have naked bikes shows some of their frames as result of the fact that they do not have paneling for their body, therefore, the bones end up becoming an integral part of their body. In addition to this, you are bound to find Honda’s twin-spar supports. The bike makes use of a steel diamond frame that is housed in a 64 by 30 mm elliptical spar that gives it a rigid balance that hence gives it a great handling experience.

In addition to this, the bike also spots minimal front as well as a rear overhang that gives it a unique muscular look, therefore making it look good to go. It also spots a quite short fuel tank as well as a sharp nose and shroud covers that make it have a rather dramatic appearance. A look at the 2018 CB650F back will reveal to you that tank permits you to have easy access to the cylinder of the bike for the purpose of maintenance. As regards the lightening of the bike, it would interest you to note that it spots LED lights for the front as well as the rear lights, the headlights also use a unique ‘CB’ V shape.

As regards the riding position, it is always upright as well as being a bit forward, thus making the rider a bit close to the center of gravity of the bike. Also, features such as the high, wide tubule bars give it some form of leverage as well as a strap for the purpose of security. The height of the seat is about 810 mm, also, the narrow middle profile assists the ground reach. The dash of the bike spots two large digital screens. Also, you will notice the rev counters as well as the speedometer; a look at the right will show you certain features such as the clock, odometer, fuel gauge as well as the warning lights.

2018 Honda CB650F Engine

The Honda CB650F 2018 spots a liquid cooled 649 cc (or 0.65 l) engine that makes use of a unique internal architecture that sees it spot a sic speed gearbox as well as starter layout that has 4-cylinders ahead at about 30 degrees. The bore and the stroke are set at 67 mm by 46 mm. The fact that the connecting rod has been optimized has led to the decrease of the side force on each piston as well as the holes in both of the crankcase walls. The pistons were designed using Computer-aided engineering. Also, there is the silent SV cam chain that helps in mitigating losses via friction by the use of a Vanadium coating that can be found on the puns.
The maximum power of this bike is 75 horsepower (on 11,000 rpm it goes redline) as well as a maximum torque of around 47 ft/lbs.

Honda CB650F 2018 Price and release date

It is expected that the 2018 CB650F price should be around $8,500, it is also expected to be out in the last quarter of the year 2017.

2018 Honda CB650F photos

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