2017 Honda Sports EV Concept

After much speculation, Honda is shown it’s unusual retro-futuristic sports EV concept during the recent 45th Tokyo motor show. The new 2017 Honda Sports EV Concept based on the similar unwavering EV platform as the previous Urban EV Concept released last month, is equipped with an all-electric powertrain matched with the automobile’s artificial intelligence technology. The stylish two-door concept believed to be a new scheme from the Japanese automakers is built to provide a sporty driving knowledge that performs at the driver’s will.

Honda Sports EV Concept

Honda Sports EV Concept Exterior

This EV Concept has the size of Mazda MX-5. All major car showcases nowadays emphasize on the subject of sporty electric cars and the just concluded Tokyo motor show was no different. The Japanese car manufacturers, Honda unveiled their soon to come electrification plans when unveiling the new sports EV concept. The Sports EV Concept is smaller than some current city cars from Honda. Its exterior could have you confuse it with a homage from the 1970’s first generation.

Its front fascia is flat and has round retro looks like headlights with a hatchback style design reveal the design was focused to be plain, with clean lines, nothing too complicated. Again this sporty like the vehicle is a two-door concept which means its size is smaller. Many sporty vehicles do not so much consider the size of the trunk, this is why the size of EV concept’s trunk is smaller, probably the same size as the Volkswagen golf or slightly smaller. Its small wheels have a sporty nature, you could though that it’s children toy car.

Honda Sports EV Concept Interior

The designers of this Sports EV Concept seemed to exercise control when it came to its interior as there was typically zero controls on the plain dashboard. Most controls were operated by a screen running the size of the dash extending on to the doors. Seems like it advanced the Tesla Model III dashboard-screen concept. The front pillars are relatively thin enabling outward visibility. Another unique feature is the front bench seat put in place of the more regular bucket seats. Cameras are also in place of the mirrors of the rear-view. One can see the B-pillar wrapping through the all-glass roof.

Many who have fallen in love with this Ev concept are keeping their fingers crossed that the rear-wheel drive with the electric motor, is positioned somewhere between the front and rear axles. We can bet the batteries are situated on the floor since EV concept has a low center of gravity according to Honda.

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Although Honda did not provide any further details regarding the powertrain, it noted that the Honda small sports ev concept has the ability to discharge power into the grid from the battery pack which allows the vehicle to function like the mobile energy-storage unit. This concept also contains Honda Automated Network Assistant which according to Honda is a virtual caretaker that literally detects the emotions behind the driver’s judgment.


Honda revealed some information about its future plan with the intention to release more electric cars. It is believed that they plan to have an electric version on every new release. This is taken as a step in making electric powertrain an alternative for petrol and diesel engines.

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Although its range, speed, and acceleration are still unclear(Honda does not know this either) since we are still waiting for its production. Honda is known to combine the best concepts in production as is evident with the production of NSX and Japan-only S660 which remained the same from their concept form. Its believed to reach speeds of up to 60 mph in 3 seconds. The setup could be a potential for 300+ Horsepower or a dual 170+ Horsepower. Come 2019, the Honda lovers will now have a new Honda electric car with a range of 240 km, not much since its intended to live in an urban environment.


This exotic Honda Sports EV Concept 2017 is definitely one to watch and although we will have to wait for it to reach its production stage and its release in 2019, it will be a vehicle worth checking out.

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This EV Concept is small enough to be adjustable and maneuverable and also has the potential of posing a threat to some of the huge names in the vehicle industry and so, we expect the price to be nothing less than that of an electric sporty vehicle upon its release.

2017 Honda Sports EV Concept photos

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