2019 Honda Grom Preview

The new 2019 Honda Grom is a 125cc quality and reliable bike from Honda and one that comes with a range of interesting features. It has a lightweight design and a friendly size that gives it maneuverability capabilities ideal for both first timers and experienced motorcyclists. The bike acquires four new colors that make it more appealing than its predecessors.

2019 Honda Grom Changes, Exterior

The bike comes with a closely packed chassis that has been built using a mono-backbone strong steel frame. This construction uses a box-section swingarm, yoke-type, and engine to express the bike’s rear suspension action. The overall dimensions of this bike are 47.2 inches for the wheelbase, length is 69.3 inches, width is 29.7 inches, and height is 38.9 inches. Furthermore, curb weight is 229 (234 pounds for Grom ABS), 25 degrees for the rake castor angle, and a trail of 3.18 inches (81mm).

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The condensed wheelbase and the light curb weight gives this bike some breathtaking agile capabilities. In terms of wheel size, the bike uses a 120/70-12 front tire and a 130/70-12 rear tire. The size of the front hydraulic disc brakes is 220 mm for both the Grom and Grom ABS models. The rear hydraulic piston caliper brakes are 190 mm. The front brakes come with a two-piston caliper while the rear brakes have a single-piston caliper.

Just like its predecessor, the bike comes with under-slung exhaust, LED headlights, and higher cushion seat LED lights. There is also a curved tail unit, stacked headlight layout, and a sporty handlebar bend. The fuel tank has been integrated into the chassis and together with the side panels gives this bike an edgy look.

The colors:
– blue raspberry,
– halloween orange,
– cherry red,
– and incredible green.
The Grom ABS model will be mainly offered in the cherry red color.

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Rider equipment

The design of the 2019 Grom is quite similar to that of the previous model only that the ABS technique has been included in this release. There is an LCD digital dash that displays the bike’s information to the rider. The dash has a speedometer, clock, fuel gauge, and an odometer. With these features, you can set various things including your own trip on the screen. Also included s the GSM and GPS information.

Honda Grom 2019 Engine

The bike comes with a powerful 125cc single-cylinder engine whose compression ratio is 9:3:1. This air-cooled four-stroke engine has the capacity to deliver 9.79 hp and 10.9 Nm of torque. It also packs a number of features that gives the bike an ideal blend of impressive fuel efficiency and powerful performance. A two-valve SOHC valve train has been used on this bike. The valve gear also includes a roller rocker arm and an offset cylinder.

2019 Honda Grom

The transmission gear is a four-speed manual system. The fuel tank has a capacity of storing 1.45 gallons while the reserve fuel capacity is 0.38 gallons. In terms of fuel economy, the bike has an average consumption of 134 mpg. There is also a PGM-FI (Programmed Fuel Injection) system that provides superb throttle response in a variety of riding conditions. This system monitors the several variables in a continuous way to facilitate the right mixture of fuel for the prevailing riding conditions.

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Price and release date

This bike is expected to get to the market in July 2018. The Grom model is expected to cost $3,399 while the Grom ABS model will cost $3,599.

2019 Honda Grom photos

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