2019 Honda CBR600RR

The new CBR600RR happens to be Honda’s latest addition of mid-engine motorbikes which offers a fantastic blend of power as well as flexibility. Similar to the original CBR600RR which was launched way back in 2003, this current version features a robust engine together with an outstanding front suspension which aid in superior handling as well as snappier action. In the following paragraphs, we will throw some light on this astounding 2019 Honda CBR600RR which will help to justify its popularity.

2019 Honda CBR600RR

The 2019 Honda CBR600RR Design

This beauty comes very well vented and prepared for low-drag re-usage of the ram, which pushes air straight into the slipstream. In addition to up and over the bullet-shaped windshield on the rear to the tapered subframe. The rear end has been kept clean by the factory while the muffler has been run beneath the P-pad region so as to centralize the exhausting weight. This feature helps the bike to appear quite attractive as well as sophisticated. Moreover, it helps to keep away any power-exhausting component so as to prevent any sort of damage.

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Being essentially a fast bike, it is natural for the new 2019 Honda CBR600RR to appear really like a fast bike in almost every respect. Consequently, one cannot expect it to look as attractive as that of the street-oriented motorcycles out there. Color is Matte Black Metallic, only known for now.

The Chassis

The latest CBR600RR can boast of a twin-spar, all-aluminum frame which helps to make the product quite light in weight for easy maneuverability. The steering head includes an amazing 23.55 degrees of rake as well as 4 inches of trail that helps to generate tremendous agility. Also, an innovative Electronic Steering Damper has been provided to this beast by the company itself. Another interesting feature is the ability of the ESD to adjust on its own depending on the speed of the bike so as to avoid any tank slapper which might shorten the ride.

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The rear is supported by an astounding Pro-Link mono shock while the front end is buoyed by a number of 41 mm Big Piston Forks. The suspension at either end – with 5.1 inches of travel at the rear axle and 4.3 inches up front – features flexible spring preload along with rebound damping plus tunable compression so as to get total control while riding. On the other hand, cast rims support the 17-inch hoops which include radial tires, 180/55ZR in the back along with a 120/70ZR up front.

– Curb Weight – 434 lbs.(ABS), 410 lbs. regular,
– Rake – 23º, 55′,
– Length – 79.9 in./203 cm,
– Width – 27 in./69 cm
– Wheelbase – 53.9 in./137 cm
– Height – 43.9 in./111 cm
– Seat Height – 32.3 in./82 cm
– Trail -3.8 in./98 mm,
– Ground Clearance – 5.3 in./13.5 cm.

The Drivetrain

The amazing CBR600RR comes with a robust 599cc, 4-banger inline mill which features attractive chrome-plated con-rods that had been treated with Palphos M1-A. Moreover, one will likewise come across wrist pins that aid in low fiction functioning of the bike. Furthermore, liquid cooling aids the engine to satisfy the emission standards while the water jacket helps to minimize any unwanted noise coming out from the motor.

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The powertrain includes a remarkable 42.5 mm stroke and 67-millimeter bore which help to generate a significant amount of horsepower. As many as four 40 mm throttle components along with Denso fuel this beast while an innovative electronic ignition system is accountable for regulating the spark. Although the absence of any slipper-clutch engineering evokes a bit of surprise, it does not affect the riding experience significantly. Fuel tank capacity is 4.8 gal., with the reserve of 0.9 gals.

2019 Honda CBR600RR rear

Honda CBR600RR 2019 Price and Release date

While the regular 2019 CBR600RR version is available for $11,799, the more innovative ABS model comes with a price tag of $12,799. While there hasn’t been much modification in price during the last few years, the same goes for the bike as well.

2019 Honda CBR600RR photos

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