2020 Honda Urban EV Spied

Any new launch from Honda will be accompanied by expectation and interest. Therefore there are reasons to believe that 2020 Honda Urban EV will most certainly have quite a few things to offers. Let us look at it from the eyes of those who have had a peep into it.

2020 Honda Urban EV
Honda Urban EV concept

2020 Honda Urban EV Changes Exterior

The car’s retro flair is expected to be a big takeaway and it in all probabilities makes it look quite appealing. It will be on the lines of Urban EV concept which has been well accepted by customers. Furthermore, the car is expected to be a big hit because it is battery operated and most importantly for the way it looks. The side sills, grille, and rear fascia are a few things that are worth looking at when the vehicle hits the market. It will have a big exterior display which will let you know how battery it has.

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The Urban EV concept came with a big screen which was half size of dashboard. The same might be retained for the new 2020 Urban EV model. The grapevine reports and the speed reports strongly suggest this will be the case. The rearview cameras will also be another important take away as far as this car is concerned. The seats and other such attachments and fixtures will also be on the lines of the previous models of 2017 Concept.

2020 Honda Urban EV Interior (concept)

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Design And Engine

Nothing much is known about the engine and therefore one has to depend on the reports that are trickling from the spied model. It could have a sporty twist to it as far as the design is, concerned. Further, it’s electric motor might come with a 161 horsepower engine and be able to generate a torque equivalent to 221 pound-feet or 300 NM. If this true it will certainly be a quite powerful and will be nippy and in a position to cover long distances quite effortlessly. Some rumors from the manufacturer itself claim that range will be somewhere 155 miles or 250 km.

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Price and Release date

The release date is not known and could be during early 2020 and the Honda Urban EV could be priced at around USD 34000.

2020 Honda Urban EV spy shots

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