2019 Honda e Concept Preview

This is a new urban electric car from Honda and it certainly holds out quite a bit of promise. It will most probably make its first appearance at the Geneva International Motor Show and will be featured as an e-prototype. The car takes some inputs from the highly popular 2017 urban EV concepts. Hence, there are reasons to believe that the 2019 Honda e concept is worthy of excitement and expectations. The concept has been designed to take care of the modern lifestyle. You can expect that it will have advanced functions that are quite interesting. This is in line with the overall Electric Vision strategy of Honda especially for Europe and America.

2019 Honda e Concept

2019 Honda e Concept Exterior Design

The electric concept will be pertinent to mention that the new e-car from Honda will have an outdoor that focuses more on end-use purpose and functionality. The smooth body contours will be there for all to see from the bonnet. The windscreen is expected to look panoramic. This will most certainly help to create a continuous surface as far as the front passengers are concerned. You also can expect better aerodynamic performance, including the stepless A-pillars and the same, virtually are likely to be well done with glass.

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Honda e Concept 2019 Interior

Inside, the Honda e concept of 2019 will most certainly come with a spacious cabin. It also would have a minimalist but modern aesthetic appearance. This will most certainly create an ambiance that is relaxed and informal. You also can expect a lounge-like feel and this most probably because of the exquisite mélange-style sofa fabric and various other textile materials. These are often found in modern homes and this might find a place in this car. The flat floor walk-through design both in the rear and the front is also something that one could expect from this model when it hits the market.


2019 Honda e Concept interior


It is expected that the vehicle will be an improvement of the 2017 engine and there could be some new additions to it. Since this is an electric version emphasis will certainly be on mileage per recharge as far as the batteries are concerned. The batteries once recharged would be able to power the engine for around 120 miles. It is expected to come with a battery capacity of 30 kWh. It will most likely have a single electric motor under the hood and it will be located on the rear axle. However, other performance figures are not available. However, it is likely to have fast charge options and eventually the battery could be good enough even for 200 kilometers.

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Launch Date And Price

The launch date is expected to be around the first quarter of 2020. The price is expected to be around $35.000 at the basic entry level.

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2019 Honda e Concept photos

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